Thursday, October 30, 2008

Optical Illusion Tattoos

In nature, we see the butterfly that has large black dots that look like eyes. And Caterpillars and other insects that appear as if their eyes are big and black, but in fact, they are just a distractionary technique to fool hungry predators. This man has taken it to a new extreme... In order for people to stop talking to him he has tatooed a face on the back of his head! I don't think this is just marker ladies and gentelmen!
The first is the best... is this guys arm sewn back on like Frankenstein? Nope, it's just a nicely done tatoo that is just an illusion, my friends! What a great idea for a tattoo! 
I guess everyone is entitled to carrying around some protection, right? Just don't go rob a liquor store! 
Hopefully these give you some ideas for creating your own unique tatoo. The kind of tatoo that people will use to start up a conversation with you!

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